How to get the most from your digital transformation?

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Disruption is a force that is changing the business landscape like no other. Today’s organisations are not just being driven to transform to meet the demands of digital. With the recent wave of disruption that has left many in its wake, firms now frequently find themselves competing with players outside their own industry.

Add the recent impact of COVID-19, this unprecedented disruption is happening fast, as many well-known incumbents will attest. Succeeding in this volatile environment requires not only a thorough understanding of what disruption is and how to deal with it. Even more importantly, you must know how to disrupt others.

This event from SixtySix70’s Paul Senior provides case study based insights on disruptive innovations and what it takes to build and manage successful business models in this complex era.


1 Hour 30 mins

Aims and objectives

  • Understand not only the positive transformational potential of digital technologies,
  • Share knowledge on a broad range of technologies,
  • The negative impacts of poorly-considered transformation and how to avoid poor implementation,
  • Utilise data analysis to address digital challenges within your organisation as well as how to interpret that data to make informed decisions,
  • Carry out digital analysis on social media data to better understand customer journeys and behaviours,
  • Share insights from SixtySix70’s customers who have undertaken a digital transformations,
  • How to implement a digital-awareness programme for your company.

Free takeaways

  • Digital Transformation assessment and discovery session,
  • A lunch and learn event for your company.