How to get the most from Microsoft Teams?

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Businesses are under increasing pressure to deliver more for less and to provide a higher level of service to customers. We work with our clients to help ensure their operating model is designed to deliver superior products and services at an enhanced level of bottom-line performance.

In order to keep winning, you will need the ability to bring a strategy to life and implement it reliably and at pace. You’re surrounded by just as many competing and conflicting demands as their competitors, but they have learned to deal with uncertainty and know-how to focus. That is why at the heart of our approach is a strong desire to develop agility and know-how in our clients and to improve their ability to deliver significant change. Building capability and transferring industry and consulting skills help ensure proper engagement with your people and results that will continue to build long after we have departed.

We are continuously developing market-leading decision support tools, which enable leadership teams to make better decisions faster, based on deeper levels of insight. This means that our clients can launch news w value propositions that deliver superior customer experiences and disrupt their markets.

Microsoft Teams is one of the tools you can use to help your team stay organised - all in one place.

  • Teams - Find channels to belong to or create your own. Inside channels, you can hold on-the-spot meetings, have conversations, and share files.
  • Meetings - See everything you’ve got lined up for the day or week. Or, schedule a meeting. This calendar syncs with your Outlook calendar.
  • Calls - In some cases, if your organisation has it set up, you can call anyone from Teams, even if they’re not using Teams.
  • Activity - Catch up on all your unread messages, @mentions, replies, and more.
  • Use the command box at the top to search for specific items or people, take quick actions, and launch apps.


1 Hour 30 mins

Aims & Objectives

By the end of the session, you will know

  • you will be able to easily communicate with your coworkers,
  • save time while working and collaborating in Teams,
  • and see how teamwork and training can be managed in one central place.