Discovery Workshop

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A discovery workshop is the most efficient way to handle any project. It is the initial interaction between the client and the project team, wherein both parties develop a shared understanding and mutually devise strategies to solve a particular problem.

The workshop is a part of the planning phase in the project lifecycle. It not only aligns the project team, stakeholders and clients but also provides the opportunity to mutually explore the scope of an idea and steer the project in the right direction.

Participating in a discovery workshop helps anticipate critical business challenges that may come up during the development phase. The development company charts out a roadmap which outlines how the end goals will be accomplished.

Whether you are a Start-up keen on rapidly launching an Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in the market or an established company looking to move beyond key functionality, tap on new features or release a new product, a discovery workshop is the right choice for you.

Regardless the project is big or small, a discovery workshop works for everyone. When building a small product, you may think of skipping the workshop, but we recommend you not to. Even with standard or minimum functionality, with a discovery workshop, you can discover new frontiers and efficiently build a product.

With large projects and complex products, a discovery workshop is more like a necessity. It helps in defining every element, all the pertinent information regarding the project, assessing the scope of work for every phase and streamlining the entire project at once. Through a discovery workshop, we dive deep, turn challenges into opportunity statements and explore new avenues to tackle a problem. Big project implies more issues and you can overcome potential challenges in the very beginning through a discovery workshop.

From our experience, sometimes when a client deems a project to be complex and outlines a big scope of work, a discovery workshop helps us identify that there is no need for too many functionalities. This reduces the scope of the project and cuts costs for the client. While in other cases, we unravel too many complexities as opposed to what was predicted which gradually increases the scope of the project.

A Discovery workshop plays an instrumental role in transforming an idea into a reality. All the planning, scoping and streamlining is done in the very beginning to witness tangible results. In certain cases, by running a discovery workshop, the initial concepts and ideas transition into an end product that is way better than what was visualized in the first place.

Who's involved?

If you are curious about who will be a part of this workshop, it usually depends on the project and scope. A cross-functional team is allocated to you, which includes a Design Strategist, a Product Manager, Developer, Business Analyst, basically, a cross-functional team represents everyone. They ask probing questions to elicit the necessary information and give you invaluable insights to steer the project in the right direction. In a discovery workshop, we cover every element, every topic and look beyond the seemingly mundane to identify fresh perspectives. There is always a decision-maker present in the room and expert opinion on matters of utmost importance is a usual practice.

Each person in the workshop brings value to the table and with the combined expertise you are bound to witness positive results in the long run. 
During the discovery phase, a good amount of time must be spent on meeting and interacting with real users. Defining user personas, mapping user journeys is very insightful and shapes how the product will turn out.

How long does the workshop last

Every digital product comes with a unique set of specifications and technicalities. A discovery workshop is customized for every business to provide maximum value and generate requirement-based solutions. Some projects are so well-scoped that there is little room to fill in the gaps with pertinent information. While others come with a bare-bones idea, which requires a great deal to refine the idea and define the scope of the project. These intensive sessions usually last from 2 to 5 days depending on the scope of the project and by the end, we have a structured roadmap to accomplish set milestones and goals.

Aims and objectives

A Discovery Workshop is conducted with the main aim to assess the scope of the project. Here are a few objectives that are significantly important:

  • Set SMART goals that need to be accomplished.
  • Define the purpose of the project.
  • Outline the core functionalities of the product.
  • Establish the target audience, define user personas and map user journey.
  • Characterize the value proposition.
  • Estimate the project timeline.
  • Estimate the required budget to successfully develop the product.
  • Define the metrics for success.
  • Deliverable, particularly a Product Specification Document which streamlines the entire set of activities and processes.

Session takeaways

After successfully conducting a workshop, we move through large chunks of information, structure it thoroughly and arrive at a roadmap for your digital journey.

We provide a Product Specifications document that includes all important information, captures key takeaways and streamlines the entire process from start to finish. It provides due clarity to the client and assures that at any given point, we are on the same page.

A Product Specifications document majorly covers:

  • Product vision and purpose
  • SMART goals and the primary aim of the product
  • Establish the target audience.
  • User personas, user flows, and user scenarios
  • User Journey mapping
  • Design mood and visual vibe of the product.
  • Paper Sketches and Wireframes
  • Frameworks and tech stack
  • Project roadmap
  • Prioritized functionality
  • Budget and Timeline

Though a discovery workshop may seem like an added expense on the project’s budget, it is completely worth it. Kicking off a project with a discovery workshop ensures that the ride is smooth. It promises not just a set of deliverables but increases the chances of conversions.