Today, Agile involves everyone

Businesses are under increasing pressure to deliver more for less and to provide a higher level of service to customers. We work with our clients to help ensure their operating model is designed to deliver superior products and services at an enhanced level of bottom-line performance.

In order to keep winning, you will need the ability to bring a strategy to life and implement it reliably and at pace. You’re surrounded by just as many competing and conflicting demands as their competitors, but they have learned to deal with uncertainty and know-how to focus. That is why at the heart of our approach is a strong desire to develop agility and know-how in our clients and to improve their ability to deliver significant change. Building capability and transferring industry and consulting skills help ensure proper engagement with your people and results that will continue to build long after we have departed.

Agile is a methodology that delivers more quickly while retaining quality.

Agile originates from a software development methodology called Rapid Application Development (RAD). RAD produced software quickly but often disregarded quality.

In 1994, the Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM) was created which sought to increase quality in RAD-based projects, specifically in business software and computer solutions.

Today, Agile involves everyone in your business, customers, employees, and suppliers.

This has many benefits, for example:

  • Everyone involved is more likely to feel ownership of the solution as it evolves and, most importantly, as it transitions into live use,
  • Prioritisation will enable solutions to be delivered on time whilst protecting the quality of what is being delivered,
  • The risk of building the wrong solution is greatly reduced,
  • The solution is more likely to meet the real business need,
  • Deployment is more likely to go smoothly, because of the co-operation of all parties concerned throughout development.
  • Reduced cost of delivery.