How to manage and monitor contractors in the field?

Standardised high quality from the get-go

Quality is a characteristic that can either make or break your brand’s reputation.

Maximise your operation's potential with all necessary inspections and actions on your workers’ phones, tablets, or computers and their results coming back to you in real-time. We help you get visibility and insights to help raise quality standards across an organisation.

Stay ahead of regulation

Keep your team on top of regulation in a constantly changing environment with the ability to modify everyone’s quality inspection templates at once. With all of your data stored safely in one place, you’ll have proof of compliance at your fingertips whenever you need it. Guarantee the integrity of your quality assurance and quality control procedures.

Trace issues back to their root cause

Save hours investigating problems and failures with the ability to look at specific data for a site, project, line, or inspection type. We help you identify when an item first failed with ease, and track how it’s being resolved through actions. From incoming raw materials to pre-delivery, gain confidence of quality ingrained in your process, product, or service.


  • We have direct experience of market analysis and investigation of the systems to manage and monitor contractors.
  • Having completed the analysis, we have designed and implemented a solution to manage and monitor contractor performance.


  • Implemented processes and field service tools to help identify analytics for SLA’s based on lean and service management frameworks and methodologies.