The Guinness Partnership

The Guinness Partnership National charitable housing association with 65k homes for 135k residents and 3k staff. 

  • Engaged to design a new business delivery model for an ambitious strategic change project to mobilise traditional desk-based teams to work in the community to be more responsive and proactive for the 135,000 customers.  
  • Developed and implemented agile best practice and led a team to carry out pilots of new ways of working including user acceptance testing all approaches against the proposed delivery model, collated feedback data to embed data driven decision making.  
  • Project deliverables: New ways of working and supporting changes on Dynamics CRM, definition how teams worked autonomously and in collaboration, provision of technology to enable mobile working and removal paper using cloud-based solutions, designing job content and development of shared cross-functional key performance indicators (KPIs), introduction of the “MyGuinness” self-service portal for customer contact, online repairs and developed a blueprint for future change.