JoCo Learning and Development

JoCo are passionate believers that the quality of life of people in care can and should continuously be improved. That the health and social care workforce deserve the highest commitment to quality training and development with music & arts any care setting can be a place of flourishing

By delivering training programs and consultancy that is:

  • Innovative
  • Evidence based
  • Creative
  • Empowering
  • Underpinned by person centred values

They do this by listening to what teams and no matter what it is they take leaders, teams and their individuals on learning journeys that result in outstanding practice.

Disruption is a force that is changing the business landscape like no other. Today’s organisations are not just being driven to transform to meet the demands of digital. With the recent wave of disruption that has left many in its wake, firms now frequently find themselves competing with players outside their own industry.

Add the recent impact of COVID-19, this unprecedented disruption is happening fast, as many well-known incumbents will attest. Succeeding in this volatile environment requires not only a thorough understanding of what disruption is and how to deal with it. Even more importantly, you must know how to disrupt others.

JoCo asked SixtySix70 to help make a digital transformation to build and manage successful business models in this complex era.


Grow new customers, increase revenue from new and existing customers and maximise profit from existing customers.


1.Monetise the existing product content,

2.Transform the way we engage with our customers,

3.Create a community of like minded people to generate sales opportunities,

4.Grow the revenue generated from consultancy,

5.Make better use of technology.


  1. Define a set of open courses from the existing course catalogue.
  2. Offer the current course catalogue through digital channels.
  3. Confirm market segments and create personas to improve the way you target customers.
  4. Review and improve the use of social media.
  5. Investigate paid for digital advertising.
  6. Set up Eventbrite and create digital courses for all products.
  7. Identify and implement a email marketing tool.
  8. Identify and implement a social marketing tool.
  9. Design a consultancy offer.
  10. Set up account review meetings with all existing customers to test consultancy offer.
  11. Market the consultancy offer to chosen market segments and personas.


  1. The number of open courses sold via Eventbrite
  2. £ revenue generated the new way of working
  3. Number of new customers,
  4. Increase revenue form existing customers
  5. Create a email marketing list and start communicating,
  6. Design and implement events to generate leads; Product launches, User groups, fundraisers, boot camps, free taster events
  7. % of people attending free events that convert to a sales opportunity. (Lead to Sales Opportunity conversions),
  8. Total number of people that receive marketing communications.
  9. The number of consultancy days sold to existing and new customers.
  10. £ Revenue generated
  11. % of courses added to Eventbrite,
  12. Measure campaigns using analytics.